Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Post

No I haven't forgotten my blog.

The past few days I have been focusing on one happy thing in RL and something upsetting in SL, but it cuts too deeply right now. I need a some time to pass before I can talk about it.

The happy RL thingy: A few of you know that my husband and I have a roomie. This weekend was her graduation ceremony for her doctorate! I think I may be excused for saying "Finally!"

Now don't get me wrong. I went to college, four years for a bachelor's, taught a year, back for graduate work, finished - 1 year for this particular program. Started on a master's course for art and couldn't pick the exact medium I wanted to work in (no decision? they didn't want me), back for an accounting class, tried art again (same thing), tried to locate a college/university in the region that would design a Masters of Fine Art for me for hands on historical fiber (forget the exact wording - nope), 2 years part time for a paralegal certificate. So yeah, I believe in schooling, learning, hitting those books and studio time.

She's been in college for a solid thirteen years! Wow! Determination and will power were very much in evidence. My applause at the ceremonies yesterday was loud and long - only eleven getting their doctorate in Biomedical Sciences. She is in cancer research, slightly different area of study than anyone else as far as she knows. She has been published three times and has had her work cited in other peoples' papers!!

YAY!! Cas jumps up and down and claps wildly!

So this weekend in RL is almost totally about her - the ceremony, gifts, cards and then what she wants to do:
a nice dinner out, a couple of movies that she wants us to see too and then me running out in the cool wind and rain to pick up food from a place that doesn't deliver. She deserves it. She wanted to quit several times when the administration in both the college and the medical school (two different institutions joint program) had a major lack of communication and failed to do whatever was scheduled that particular time - usually affecting finances or credit hours or scheduling.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

Kudos to your roomie for her determination. And happy news is always the best to read!