Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Day Celebration - Fae Fest, part I

Linwe, the Aglarond elf leader, came to Maralee (kingdom activities scheduler) and I with the suggestion of using the monthly Fae Fest event as the opportunity for an official May Day celebration for the Kingdom of Aglarond. We thought it was an excellent idea, so Mara and I chose last Sunday, May 3rd as the best date.

Linwe, Emy (fae choreographer) and I worked together to pull it off. Linwe set out a wonderful buffet in the small pavilion.

Essie and Alli

The gist of a notice:
Aglarond's May Day celebration in conjunction with Fae Fest brings you dancing around the maypole choreographed by Emyly Beaumont with DJ Otawan Fouquet.

A suckling pig and drinks, chairs to relax in, couple dances, cuddles behind the bushes! We have it all for you!

It is for everyone! Come join us, and don't forget your potion!!

Zee was kind enough to provide us with an anti-pregancy potion to ensure there would be no small surprises in a few months! I sent it out kingdom-wide with the invitations.

Destiny and Avrilleona dancing

Moss, Shawwn, and magically the picture captured what we couldn't see - High Queen Hispa in ghostly form haunting the party

Emy and Legend

There was a wonderful turnout for the event; thirty-four all together with a few over 20 at the peak.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

This was so much fun Cas. I loved doing it! But wow, was I exhausted at the end. Can't wait for the next one. I have designed a mushroom ring to dance in...