Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Thursday on a Friday

Here it is again - Friday, and I'm just now doing my Happy Thursday post. Thursdays are just way busy for me.

I want to talk about friends, casual male friends in particular. I really appreciate them. I am so glad that they think of me, and stay in touch.

Yesterday I dressed up and went to the Funky Feats couples dance that Hevy choreographs. There are a few couples, and singles that pair up for the evening.

A frog dancing along with the music next to Emalee and Hevy.

There were no available men when I arrived, so I started swaying to the music and enjoying the silly conversation. A few minutes later, Hevy rezzed a dance ball in front of me, stepped on it and held out his hand to me while RedRider "Red" was typing "cas would you like to dance" I managed to tap my chim (on the third try) and stop dancing. As I hopped on the ball, Hevy stood up (he saw Red's invitation). Red stepped on the ball and Hevy asked another lady. All within seconds! It looked like a sitcom!

Then Red joined me for Emy's Romantic Couples dance at Swoon. Being Red, he did not remove his trademark hat or cigar. That's Skippy on his shoulder, he's a great pet.

I'm obviously kicking my up my heels and having a great time. I majorly LOVE ballroom dancing, the music and the opportunity to dress in a gown and be twirled around the floor creates an enjoyable evening.

Another friend is Falasslond. A couple of days ago Fal invited me over to his home to see his new baby girl! Her name is Celeste.

A very light fae looks very much out of place in a dark role play land complete with vampires. Daddy gave his sweet girl a pacifier so she couldn't accidentally bite me.

You really have to trust someone in SL to let them hold your baby! They are no copy, and you absolutely must give them back, or the proud parents will lose their precious little one.

This post "Dancing the Night Away" features Hevy and another of my friends, Tulsa.

If I weren't on a borrowed computer so that my folders of photos are unavailable, I would spotlight several male friends that enrich my SL by thinking of me from time to time and including me in their world. A big thank you to each and every one of them!


Poppy said...

I stumbled on this sight while looking for "romantic dancing images"... Lucky me!!!! It is a WONDERFUL site...Thank you!!!

Casandra Shilova said...

Thank you so much Poppy! I am always pleased to receive a comment, and this is an encouraging one.

jeanette said...

I noticed the beautiful baby. very pretty. can you tell which maternity delivered her?

Casandra Shilova said...

I think she is one of the prettiest I have seen. I don't know and I don't think her daddy is on very much these days. I will leave him a message and hopefully have an answer for you.