Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Thursday on a Friday

It's Friday again? And I haven't posted my Happy Thursday; how did that happen? Oh yes, role play class last night. As it happens RP pertains to my post this week.

/me stands and sweeps her hand in an arc to encompass all she sees "Greetings, I am Casandra, Banrion na Fae for the Kingdom of Aglarond."

One of the things that I like about Aglarond is that it is home to many races. It still amazes me that I am the queen of fae for the top ranked role play environment in SL! (b-places)

I enjoy role playing a sidhe, or fairy. One of the advantages of being fae is that I do not need to trudge the paths and climb the rocky slopes. I can flit and fly wherever I like, which brings me to my topic - Wings!

Wings are a necessity. Although I don't show any in this post, I have a pack of Seven Selection wings that are pretty. I wear them to match certain garments or when I want bright, simple wings that express my femininity.

One of my constants is my top choice for wings. My absolute favorite wing creator is Violaine Villota. I don't have a fat pack. Oh no, but I have eight, count them eight pairs of wings (I believe it's six designs) from Fancy Fairy.

The shading is complex; good highlights and shadows that create much more depth than most wings.

Read the poster carefully before purchasing - available are both flexi wings, and script based animated wings that open, drop, close, and different speeds of flutter.

The poses are by my friend Sai of Imperial Elegance. The gown in the second photo is an example of the clothing at Fancy Fairy. Info for other apparel, jewelry and hair happily supplied upon request.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

I am hoping to get to rp class during the day, now that my circumstances have changed. Your gowns & poses are lovely, as always.