Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bad Blogger - me??

I started blogging on LiveJournal about five years ago. It is a partial record of my doings in the Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA), with a few posts concerning work. I still have the LJ account, although rarely update it. My hours have changed at work, I no longer can attend either the barony's month business meetings or their activities nights. I am self-motivating for a few years and after that I peter out. Enough frustrations (research results, money, material availability) will also affect how often I start a new project. I miss the meetings and make it to few events (department manger job description includes working Saturdays); and in part I compensate for that lost of social outlet with SL.

In Second Life I opened an account with blogger just for the AV pic that goes up next to comments!

I really started blogging in June 2008. It's now 130 posts later and I'm still put something up here occasionally. I always have posts waiting in the wings so to speak. I don't have enough time to get them all up.
I joined the SL Bloggers group this week on Noel's recommendation - does that make me an official blogger??

I really enjoyed the reading the entries for the bloggers challenge last year. I started right after that, when Creag put a link in one of his posts to my blog and it only had three posts.

Has blogging enriched my SL? I'm not really sure. I know other bloggers efforts have though. I stumbled across a response to Ali's "5 Things I Couldn't Live Without". That one post set my life in SL on a new path!

blog has definitely had the most influence on my SL. She
is directly responsible for my becoming a card-carrying role-playing fae which brought me in touch with one of my best friends - Creag. Dyami's post nudged me to my first Hump Day party and Cen invited me to join the Ch'Know friends group. I've rolled with laughter over posts from Ali, Tym and other Ch'Know friends. Tym and Jerremy's generosity to newbies through Starting Point housing has put me in touch with other people and brought me another friend, Xavia. I have shed tears over posts by these amazing people, laughed with their silliness, felt for their heartache.

SL has enriched my life because of the people I would have never known without it. My hat's off to each and every one of you!


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Very sweet post!! [hugs]

Elora Henig said...

Casandra, You've written a very lovely post. :-D <3