Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dancing with Native Americans

Looking through my pictures this morning, I realized I hadn't shown you the ones from the Funkie Feats dance group celebrating Independence Day!

Usually we have a dance or two wearing fun Fourth of July costumes in patriot colors and bright stripes and stars. Anticipating this I did some grid hopping to pick up a few of the offerings from our generous designers to mix with my purchases from previous years.

This year we were in for a surprise. One of our Native American members had arranged for the Native Americans from the Sekulu sim lead by Chief Redtail to make a grand entrance for us to "celebrate the spirit of being independent."
Later when the notice came out it requested colonial clothing. My friend Emy and I had fun rummaging through our wardrobes trying on what we had. I even put on white pancake makeup to scare her with! Sooooo un-natural and appropriate for a ball at a palace in Europe, rather than the more relaxed colonies. However I did use pale make-up; they carried parasols to keep the sun's rays off of their delicate skin so to avoid tanning. I put my hair up and powdered it, while she wore hers down in charming ringlets. She found a gown she liked, loaned me one along with matching shoes, and we were all set.

Rob grilled yummy burgers and hot dogs and we relaxed and enjoyed talking with each other. I logged on too late to see the grand entrance.
I didn't remember to take pictures until after Emy left for another event. It seemed as though the circle was tighter than usual, I had a very hard time getting good ones of the regalia. I regretted forgetting to IM Xavia about it until almost the end of the dance, when it was too late.

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