Monday, July 5, 2010

Lumpy Viking

Rob's cat Cwnn is lying on top of my fold-out cutting board, under the gray wool that is the next, and final pair of Viking trousers for a friend (seven pair). She is taking exception at moving out of the way.

mmm....she's not bigger than I am, but she is one big solid lump of cat and determined to remain.

My cat Boots would just reluctantly move out of the way and then when my back is turned would hop right back up and sit in the middle of the fabric and look adorable (he is very lovable). Cwnn lets me know immediately she's not budging by reaching out and sounding an obviously irritated don't-mess-with-me protest "meaaaaooow"

me: I'm sorry your pants are a bit distorted, but I couldn't help it.
friend: well, that's okay, I can make do.
me: breathes a sigh of relief!
friend: But do you think the next pair could be made by the pattern?

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