Monday, January 19, 2009

Number One Hundred - Nooo... 101

This is it - my one hundreth post! Okay, 101! My 100th was a surprise I couldn't wait to share! The first three really don't count anyway they were written before I really started blogging.

RL has been really busy lately. SL has been busy too. During the six months that it has taken me to write the last 97 posts:

In SL I have participated in RFL,
seriously upset a friend, moved twice :( , become a Fae Queen, and made quite a few new friends (yay!).

In RL I have
sewn about 25 things, read a few books, started exercising regularly again (lapsed - summer of smoke and rain), and learned a couple of more things in PhotoShop (finally).

I've selected five posts that I want to remember. If you haven't been reading my blog that long and you're curious to know more about me, read on. :D

Balancing the Scales - Fashion vs. Land
Why I Have a House
Balancing RL & SL
OMG! It's Hevy!!! Taking Cen's Challenge
Happy Thanksgiving, I'm Grateful

I've also selected five of my favorite pictures over the last six months:

Feeling fae sized at Burning Life

Just me and my skates, on a peaceful winter evening.

Can you say "Freedom and the Thrill of flight?" Air Dancing

Please click on this and look at it full size. Just like any other sim, each tiny green dot is an AV. Each dot here is a person walking the circuit for the Relay for Life. Walking a walk that makes a difference for themselves or someone they know. Generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to give of themselves is evident in the many causes embraced in SL.

And this one is for memories of a fun event and a good friend I really miss. Rose Farina, Rose Petal Creations, is almost never on any more, I haven't seen her in months. She was the DJ and host of themed parties for the On Balance group on Sunday nights. Here is a pic from Silly July Holidays. Rose and Rez are dancing on cubes in the back. I'm dancing with Korbin who attached five holidays to himself!

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

Congratulations on reaching such an impressive milestone!! YAY!! Keep up the great work in-world and out! :-)