Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Thursday - Musical Friends

Dance is my first love in SL. Dance and Friends are why I was still hanging around by the time I slipped into Role Play. I am often somewhere wearing the leather thin on the bottom of my dance shoes.

Emy is a good friend in RL and my best friend in SL. She is the only person I have introduced to SL. We are there for each other. A very talented choreographer for singles and couples dance events with an RL dance background. In my role as Queen of the Fae for the Kingdom of House Erebos, she holds the position of Court Choreographer. She really is my Lady-in-Waiting. She makes my life easier in many ways and has my best interests at heart. My SL would be much lonelier without her.

Tulsa I happened to meet at a Funky Feats dance. He has become a friend, Emy's little brother and a talented DJ. Above are before and after make-over pics. He had been in SL for two years when I gave him good pair of black shoes from Shiny Things for a Christmas gift earlier this year. The world should watch out! What this man can accomplish when he gets motivated is amazing! Extremely sauve and still my heart! *smiles* Click on picture for a better view of his new look on the opening night of his weekly Party Funk gig at Linri's Palace.

Emy drug me to a Funky Feats dance well over two years ago and I am sooo glad she did! This choreographed dance group became my first home base in SL. A welcoming group that loves music, and loves to dance. They are an important part of my SL. LuLu, Hevy and myself amid a good turnout of Funkies surrounding us.

Hevy is the mainstay and heart of the Funky Feats. He was one of the original Funkies and kept the group going after the others lost interest. He is a gentle and considerate man, who is delighted to see each group member TP in to join a dance. I always thought a chorus line would have camaraderie and be fun and I was right! SL blissfully takes the long hours of rehearsal away.

However long hours are spent prior to choreographed events by the dance leaders in searching for new dances that fit different music styles, organizing them, and warming them up prior to the event.

Xavia is a bright spot in my day! She is enthusiastic and bubbly. I met her through Starting Point newcomers housing run and sponsored by my friend Tym and her husband Jerremy, two wonderful people. I invited her to a Funky Feats dance one evening when she was bored. She was immediately hooked on music and dancing in SL. She is a host for Bailers and is now DJ'ing for them on Friday nights. She is occasionally fae, hence this choice of pictures.

LuLu (gray globe over head) was the driving force that kept the Funkies going while Hevy was away from second life. It takes a lot of keyboard dancing to choreograph a two hour event and she lead dance after dance, undoubtedly wearing her dancing toes and fingers into numbness.

The way my blog operates, I can only upload five pictures. There are music friends that are not shown here that I also enjoy.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

Oh Thank you for the beautiful picture of us. We have yet to take that picture of us in matching outfits (of which we have a few). Maybe this Halloween...