Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Retro - RL

This is a cute little owl fabric that I had to have for no good reason except it is unique and it appeals to me.

Normally I buy full groups that are new, replenish certain groups by buying the bolts that have sold out, or pick and chose from large groups. I buy single bolts that don't go with a themed group, only if they are novelty prints (cars, horses, ducks etc) that meet a need. Novelty fabrics are one of our specialties.

I just threw this one in willy nilly. My boss would have looked at me in alarm if she had been there and asked if I really needed/wanted that? She hasn't joined me for a buying session for ten months. I regret that; we work really well together. I have the next fabric rep scheduled for next Monday during a time she sometimes comes if she wishes, she could be there. Debi is fun and I think they would be excellent friends if she lived locally.

Because it is not part of a group, when the bolt arrived at the shop I knew it would sit on the shelf virtually untouched unless I came up with a display. It is in the retro section so I found a pattern from that era. I am surprised the style appealed to me. It's very feminine. I am feminine, but I don't think I'm this feminine.

It is Butterick 4945 (bottom right) If the link doesn't work immediately, give it a few seconds. I believe it is from the 1950s. I modified it by placing a pipping between the two fabrics and shortening the bottom piece (twice) to 2-1/2" with hem to give it better balance between the two fabrics.

Me, being me, I didn't read the instructions. I almost never do. But then I usually draft my own patterns, so I am not used to having instructions to rely on. And this is super easy.

Extra long apron strings to tie your special male friend up with - hehe!

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Emyly Beaumont said...

/me giggles. It IS cute Cas, and reminds me of my first elementary school sewing lesson: an apron with a ruffle.