Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Changing Seasons - RL

I love living where the seasons change...the air is crisp or soft and warm, trees burst into new leaf or drop brightly colored crunchy leaves underfoot to shuffle through and kick into piles, even the sky is different with each new season.

The thing I dread about the change of seasons is changing out my closet....major bummer. There are clothes that cause me to automatically smile when I see them for the first time in several months. That's the up side.

Like most people, my closet is not large enough. This time of year I pull out everything I know I won't be wearing til spring - the camis, shorts, thin silk blouses, swim suits and cover ups.

Then I open the two big totes that hold seasonal clothing and place everything in the closet I know I will want to wear. Next comes paring down the transitional items (I always leave some in the closet) so that the bulkier winter sweaters fit. A must is the incredibly warm wool cable sweater in natural
Lancastershire wool mom gave me. I probably won't wear it, but last year when the shop lost heat for several days it was a blessing.

I donate everything I haven't worn that I have no really good reason to keep. Nostalgia did I end up with a dress I wore in high school? My mom never tosses anything. It's an unusual eyelet in a pretty shade of blue. I think I'll offer it to a local theatre company. There's the green boxy tunic length top with bright yellow-gold embroidery (eeah) from India a friend gave me three years ago. mmm... And a soft yellow wool pencil skirt that fits like a dream, but yellow?
I don't remember it at all..away it goes. And a longer bittersweet one. Pencil skirts that long and my job just don't cohabit comfortably; I've never worn straight skirts that weren't above the knee. Another mom one.

I love my mother, but we dont' really have the same taste and she's only happy if my tops are loose and my pants are almost falling off.

And an authentic U.S. Air Force flight suit! I don't why Rob (husband) thought I needed one. I only get to go up in private aircraft once or twice on a good year and I haven't been up in any military aircraft that has been used since WWII. I'm keeping it. I even look kind of sexy in it!!

All done. :D

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