Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Thursday - Role Play Friends

This week's Happy Thursday post (late as usual) is about role play friends. I was a human for over a year before I donned wings and became a fae in my first Role Play medieval/fantasy kingdom. It was a happy accident told here.

These pictures are all from the kingdom of House Erebos. A huge thank you to Essie for discovering it and major kudos to Saia and 2ks for welcoming refugees from Aglarond with open arms! Here are the chronicles for Erebos.

All of my role play friends are important to me, they care about each other, their varied personalities round out the experience. I am really a theatre techie type - one of my majors in college was Theatrical Costuming. I have been told I'm good at role play, but I am not really comfortable with it.

However, I have friends who are awesome at role play!

Galina was accused of poisoning Mandelynn. Her trial revealed that she was threatened...

With the drow Hawk quelled for the moment, we enjoy a relaxing evening in the village.

Emy, Linwe as a friendly wolf, and myself on one of Emy's favorite sitting spots.

I still am human much of the time. Each is a nice break for the other.
Some of us use role play as a get away from being human and others switch from one role play persona to another, sometimes shedding skin for scales or fur to relax.

It's funny but even if I don't have a great deal of interaction with someone, if we talk personally every once in a while, I develop a fondness and care about them. I miss Joyful... she is a warm and wonderful person.

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