Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Thursday - Ch'Know Friends

Friends...probably the main reason I am still in SL after 2-1/2 years. I am planing several Happy Thursdays posts on this topic. *smiles* I'm going to start with the friends group I'm in.

Slumber Party

The Ch'Know group is a talkative bunch mostly ladies, but there are also some gentlemen that stir up things and entertain us. Our group chat is lively; humming along with the craziest topics at times. Joyous, someone may burst out with "I just did such and such!!" Followed by Yays! Congratulations!


Summer - The Unintentionally-Invisible Man (SL does it again) "ringed"

It can also be "Where can I find ____?" or "Has everyone/anyone got?" which sometimes results in a mad dash by some/many of us to check out/pick up the topic of conversation. Word of mouth in this group definitely increases sales for quite a few designers; they should love us.

Trailer Park

Most Wednesdays there is a themed group party that Ali usually hosts and always DJ's. We get together, dance, talk and have a great time acting silly.


Most of the time, it's just plain fun. At other times, it can be seen that this group is there for it's members. Someone may share a problem. Especially if is a RL problem, expressions of concern, caring, and love for that member come out through group chat, personal IM's, and notecards.

Many members are also highly talented. Designers of clothing, home decor, builders - plus photographers, shop managers and bloggers.

My Second Life would be a much quieter place without my Ch'Know friends.
I'm so glad I'm in it.

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Alicia Chenaux said...

Awww Cas. *hugs* I'm so glad you're in it too!! My SLife [and RLife!] would definitely be less fun & bright without the Ch'Know crew. I'm thankful for you guys each and every day!