Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RL Fug

This is so much an RL fug that I couldn't believe I was seeing it; and I'm not sure I can describe it well enough for you to picture it.

Older lady wearing short shorts and a stretch (form fitting) short cami without the figure to pull it off. Four inches of bare skin in back and at least twelve inches in front. The truly bad part is that her profile shows a mis-shapened abdomen - not toned that then sagged or simply older gained weight without muscle tone. Her profile juts out at 60 degree angle under her breasts for several inches and then sharply juts back to the waist band of her shorts at a 45 degree angle. It is very unusual. And graced by an easily seen long vertical scar from surgery a few months ago. A top that went past her waistband would have been a more pleasing choice.

She came in for a band of stretch sequins to repair her belly dance costume.

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