Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ch'Know School Dance & Flying Noob!

Last night Tym and Jerremy hosted the Ch'Know Hump Day party in their High School gym. It's not a decorated skybox, they really do have a gym on their land! Ali spun the records and we all danced like crazy, stayed up too late, and had to make excuses to our folks for breaking curfew!

It was fun comparing what we participated in in high school. A lot of talent in this room - swim team, track, debate, many deep into the arts - music, drama, painting.

Look at the cafeteria lady (Tym) and the stuffy old principal (Jerremy) get down with us kids!

Haley and I in cheerleading mode.

Then this morning when I logged on, I found a Flying Noob from Ali. Of course I rezzed it, hopped on and sped around. I hadn't yet changed from my school uniform and I was still holding the pom poms Haley gave me. She had a cheerleaders dance that was a lot of fun.

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