Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cas isn't here - RL

The only time my Friday off at work changes (we are closed on Sundays), is when two other people need/want that day off.

The end of the twelve foot shelf used for displaying quilt kits and a few fat quarter bundles

I was asked a couple of days ago if I would switch my day off for next week. I agreed and then we haggled as to which day I will take.

Now I feel like I need to post a notice on the front door - big and bold and hope everyone who cares will actually read it. What is it about people that the ones that could benefit rarely read signs?

Cas will be off on Wednesday, October 14
She will be available on Friday, October 16

This public service announcement would upset my co-workers who feel "my customers" place too much importance upon my assistance. They seem to forget they all have customers that prefer them. I just have more, or else more projects are done by
"Cas's groupies" - one of the men started calling them that and it stuck :(

For a little reference check out this post paragraphs 4-7

A corner of my 7'x10' cutting table used for displays and quilt kits. Yes there is clutter behind the display rack....well I'm a bit cluttered. Artistic types aren't usually all that tidy are they? ?

Because I know there will be people who come in on Wednesday and say, "Where is Cas? I know she's off on Fridays" and the next time I see them it will be "Where were you last week? I came in and you weren't here." The next sentence will be:
(a) I had to get something and so someone
else helped me (they may describe them, but rarely know their name)
(b) I left again
(c) I was afraid you had quit

Yes, there really are people who will drive I don't know how many miles in metropolitan traffic expecting my help to pull their project together and if I am not there, will turn around and walk out the door!!

The ethnic table is behind the rack on the left, 400+ batiks on the wall, 2-1/2 tables of Civil War prints starting with the table on the right. A tiny portion of the floor space I have for 6,000 bolts of fabric (my department takes up one third of the floor space dedicated to fabric in a shop that used to be a grocery store!)

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