Thursday, August 19, 2010

Penguin Parade!

My friend Emy's regular Sunday night dance gig turned into a big send off for our friend Kathy. She is a marine scientist specializing in penguins in Antarctica. She spends most of her time with flippers on her feet, in submersibles and analyzing data. So the farewell party was a penguin theme.
Emy, quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken of her, and I am snap-happy.
Our good friend Xavia found all of Kathy's fav music for the event.
Babycakes and her husband Jim generously open their place each week for Emy's gig.

Some of the regulars
and yours truly with a Baby Tux on my shoulder
We will all miss Kathy, she is a friendly, cheerful person. I enjoy talking with her and looking at all of the pictures she has given me.

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