Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food, Such a Big Deal ! ~ RL

Why does food have to be such a big deal? I mean, it's something you eat, it's not life and death, it's f-o-o-d! If it tastes okay, I'm good. If I didn't have to cook it, that's even better.

I do get hungry, and I'm not good about waiting until it's the official time to eat. I am hypoglycemic (basically the opposite of diabetic), which means I'm supposed to eat 4-6 times a day to keep my blood sugar under control and keep the ground down there where it is supposed to be, rather than face planting myself or walking around disoriented (I knew someone that happened to). So being the happy nibbler I am, works well.

Sundays around our place are nice and relaxing for me. I get to see Stani (SL bf) in chat in the morning, followed by laundry, working on projects, and cleaning. I always think I'll have time to log on during the afternoon and role play in Arran (was Erebos), but I'm normally too busy. I log onto SL in the evenings, usually get to see Stani in world, sometimes make it to the Funky Feats dance, and frequently attend my friend Emy's gig.

For Rob (RL husband) and roomie, Sundays mean prep work for teaching the following week; and any admin stuff Rob needs to do during the weekend. They are both late risers; Rob eats breakfast at brunch time or later. Neither one of them normally wants to discuss the menu for dinner until mid-afternoon at the earliest. I am usually the one who goes to the store and cooks. Who cooks is decided by the choice of menu, which is kind of nice except that Rob rarely cooks and seems to prefer my cooking over roomie's. The person who does the dish best cooks it, so sometimes all three of us rotate through our small pullman style kitchen for one meal. Sunday dinners are our one nice sit down meal each week with the table attractively set. Holiday dinners are excellent; terrific food with both the dinner table and the small buffet set with holiday linens, silver, crystal and centerpieces.

This post came about simply by wishing we could pre-plan Sunday dinner, so I could get the grocery shopping out of the way on Sunday morning. We pre-plan holiday dinners days in advance, what's the big deal about waiting until our tummy tells us what we are in the mood for on Sunday afternoon? There speaks a person who doesn't like grocery shopping, especially when it interrupts work on projects or fun, and is happy to eat almost anything she doesn't prepare herself.


Michael said...

I really enjoyed your post. You should update and keep writing. You have a real talent. Thanks. Mike @ www.MyCarvingTree.com ...

Casandra Shilova said...

Thank you very much Michael! :-)

Mom wanted me to major in journalism in college. I majored in art and education.