Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fae Fashion no. 3

This Fae Fashion post shows off a new gown by Angelwing entitled Fall Fairy.
The design is loaded with pieces! The russet dress with three skirt variations, a corset in gold, a green bolero, leg ribbons, arm wraps of vines, a hair wreath and two wing variations (with and without falling leaves)
Wear it without the jacket in the warm autumn sun, and add the bolero jacket on those cool autumn nights....
Cas smiles as she sees Emy attired elegantly in the long dress version but wonders if the behavior will follow suit and what she is thinking.
Emy thinks to herself "how does Lady Casandra ever walk in something as massive as these skirts" She kicks at the material and can't wait to get back into her short skirts again...
Emy taking a much deserved break from the photo session
The ivy hair wreath can be seen in more detail by clicking the picture for a close-up
Emy dancing with fellow fae, Jordon. Emy and I love to dance, and the lush skirt moves beautifully.

Did you notice the leaves printed on the gold of the long skirt?  there is really a lot of detail in this skirt. and the ruffle on the velvet jacket is edged with gold embroidery.

My thanks to Emy for all of the help with this post, pictures and captions. She posted the dance she enjoyed with Jordon after we completed the photo session!

Wings ~ Ragged Fairy Wings ~ Seven's Selections (tinted: green upper, gold lower)
Skin ~ Elle BR Fair Group Gift ~ Belleza
Hair ~ Bright Bloom n Butterfly ~ Nikita Fride Design

Casandra ~~
Wings ~~  Bloodvine Burning Wings (Burning Man special) ~ Fancy Fairy
Skin ~ Embrace in Cameo ~ Cupcakes
Hair ~ Nur in Cherry ~ Ava-Tare
Poses ~ ImpEle (formerly Imperial Elegance)

Both ~~
Outfit ~ Fall Fair ~ Angelwing
Jewelry ~ Leaf  ~ G Field
Location ~ Elven area at Everwind

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