Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dressing for a Fae Dance

I've been searching for a white gown that lends itself to a fae off and on for several months. Ball gowns and evening dresses aren't really the look I want for my role play. Immediately after I became Queen of the Fae for the Kingdom of Aglarond, Fancy Fairy brought out Faery Queen with skirt options and flexi wings. Amazing timing that so often happens in SL and makes me happy every time it does!

Looking closely in world you will notice that the delicate decoration on the bodice was inspired by the design of the wings. Violaine just released the coordinating Lilt wings in Silverpearl with animations.

There are crowns and tiaras that are really good serious ones for human monarchs, and even more that are really tiny or to my taste as human or fae. I wanted something fanciful but attractive. I started doing a "search". If that didn't work I was going to trying begging a jewelry designer I know. This is the Blue Princess set from Tiny Bitty. Yes, really! I wondered if it was a shop for tinies; only my resolve to try every designer that came up in search made me go there. It is white with light blue sculpty stones. The tiara can be purchased singly; the set includes earrings (the stones wink out to invisible at times) and a necklace.

I may still end up begging. So far I haven't found anything I like in a gold metal and I wear more clothing with warm shades that need a warm metal. I would like a good silver metal also.

Need a break from dancing and a chance to rest or chat? How about stained glass flower petals for a back with a knitted cushion on a wooden pedestal? comfy! Available at Dark Rogue

I also decided I would need a cloak. Not for the dance, but any excuse for a cloak is good. I saw this one a few months ago and recognized the shop, KiCreations, as soon as I landed. It is touted for elven/fae, but the attachment point is the spine making it impossible for a fae to wear since wings attach to the spine. However, it can be attached to the chest and resized. A nice fantasy cloak, that certainly won't keep me warm, but I'll be fantastical baby!

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