Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogging & Dancing

I hardly ever post any more. I still take a gazillion pictures and have the desire, but I am Oh So Busy in SL.

I "think" I have finally learned. DO NOT log in until exercising, answering emails, uploading a blog post or anything else I wish to accomplish that morning, day, evening has been accomplished.

I "might" be able to dance on a beach or with my friend Stani and accomplish something else, but that's still a mighty big maybe.

He will be writing memos, or working on a proposal or a book and making headway while all the time flirting with me. I will be responding to questions, talking with someone who has a problem in one of our worlds, in chat with a friend whose IM window popped up and working on a notice or my weekly Role Play report or doing a little PhotoShop work. I do love it when people IM me. :D But posting while in world has become practically impossible for me.

You know ladies, we really have it made when it comes to couple dances. We are the ones that are lifted and twirled, while the gentleman is the one who strains their muscles doing the work -- and don't I love it! Dances have improved so much!


Emyly Beaumont said...

Hehe - maybe you don't have to lead, but I am usually expected to. And that is a fabulous dress! Where did you get it?

Casandra Shilova said...

I absolutely love the gray dress with the pink polka dots. It fits beautifully. It is from Talisman Designs, a shop that is closed.

I'm guessing you are referring to the maroon dress. It's Rhapsody from Blaze, second floor. I also have it in white to wear for themed events - my Maria from "West Side Story" dress.

Emerald Wynn said...

You guys look dashing!