Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!!

Happy Fourth of July to all of my friends who are Americans!

My husband will be grilling later. I did the grocery store run yesterday. The deviled eggs are ready and the watermelon is cold.

I'm hoping to see fireworks this year. We always used to go, one year even lying in a cemetary under where the wind drifted them to as they went off! That was awesome. I've seen them from grandstands, yards, parking lots, the drive-in back home that closed a few years ago, and from a motor boat on Grand Lake of the Cherokee's. Since we moved here, we haven't been. Getting through aleady congested city streets to reach the viewing dock for the fireworks display becomes simply impossible on Independence Day. Last year when it was too late, someone told us that the roof of the medical school parking garage where our roomie just received her PhD is a good viewing stand.

Another display is on Mount Trashmore. I kid you not. It is an old landfill that has been turned into a city park! This is loooowwww country. It's the highest thing for miles around. People attempting to reach that one told me that the traffic on the streets (including a state highway) around it simply stops during the display! If you don't make it, you can watch from your car.


Merrick Thor said...


I know where that is! We were heading up to stay with relatives some time ago and for Elora to run in the Rock-n-Roll Marathon and we passed ... right ... by ... it! I remember thinking that it was totally hilarious that it had been turned into a city park. =D

Happy Fourth of July, Cas!

Casandra Shilova said...

LOL - you do Merrick!! I drive by it on Independence Avenue/So. Holland most Fridays to visit my best friend. You probably saw it from I 264.

Another small world moment!

Emyly Beaumont said...

Hehe - Tori took me to see fireworks at the Capitol Steps in SL last night and the timing coincided with the big booms emanating from Mount Trashmore! I will post pics on blog ASAP.

Casandra Shilova said...

What timing!!