Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fae Fest - Samhain

The fae and druids joined together to bring the Druidic Celebration for Samhain to the Kingdom of Erebos.

The announcement read thusly:
Come to the high meadow for two hours of dancing to rejoice in a bountiful harvest. Fae Fst will be followed by a Samhain Ritual to ensure that we will survive the harsh winter to come. The choreography and music throughout will be provided by Lady Emy and DJ Taliesin Silverstar. If fertility and wickerman pagan customs offend you, please plan to leave by 1pm SLT. Otherwise, plese join us at the bonfire.

Dancing during the Fae Fest portion of the event

Foxie beguiling Hawk with her long silky hair

Talie, Nicole, Emy, Alk, Casandra dance near the bonfire

Roberta and Casandra near the cornstalks from this year's harvest

Faun and Justine in the symbolic dance

The stag is placed atop the burning bier. Linwe handled the symbolic druidic ritual for Samhain very smoothly.

More pictures can be seen on the Chronicles of Erebos blog.

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