Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My First Modeling/Posing? Gig !!

I am in a couple of general Role Play groups that were created by a friend for the purpose of letting the role play community at large know what is going on. Last night a request went out for a fae to pose with a new fae house.

I do like helping people out when I can. I responded and found myself standing on the platform...mmmm...deck of a little one room house

in a really HUGE tree!

Here I am asleep in the leaf bed. The tan is the roof below me. He requested something faeish - like TinkerBell but not her. I have Nicky Ree's fairy costume in green, with my Seven Selection's wings, he pronounced it perfect.

It was my first pose/modeling gig for someone I didn't know. He offered a copy of the house or lindens for payment. I received 100 L.

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