Sunday, April 4, 2010

RL - Happy Easter!!

I'd like to wish everyone who celebrates it a Warm and Wonderful Easter.

My Easter memories growing up center around my family and the small country church our neighbors went to.
It was as much fun as Christmas until we got to church. There I had to participate in a kids program where I would be nervous, would I remember where to move and when and remember my lines or the words to the song? Stage fright.

The best memories involve Easter Egg Hunts. Mom and then my brother and I, always decorated eggs. She hid them for us, outdoors over our side lawn amongst the grass and flowers, nooks of low branches and in the clothesline pole. On rainy days, indoors. Brave mom with the good nose, always had to find a few later from the odor. She got smart and switched to plastic eggs for indoor hiding.

I always had a new Easter dress for church. I remember a fluffy yellow organza one the year all of the other girls had pink or blue ones. I was the odd chick out and hated it. Now I could handle that with ease. An absolutely beautiful dress was a raspberry cotton sateen bodice and a printed skirt in a rich floral pattern. Very unusual and in excellent taste, it also showed up like a beacon among the other girls. She remembers these two episodes.

The Easter baskets were always so pretty with bright grasses and eggs and candy and goodies. There was the Easter I ate so much of candy, particularly the flat bottomed eggs with hard shells and soft white insides that I was sick to my stomach. I begged mom to make stew for Easter dinner. She looked at me like I had lost my mind and informed me that she wasn't about to make stew after she had gone to all of the trouble to prepare for a nice Easter dinner. I still won't touch those candies. Wayne at work, assures me he will share from the two bags he buys every year!

Mom still provides a large solid chocolate Easter bunny apiece for us each year! I love them, really I do. She wouldn't believe me if she realized I have a stash of them. mmmm....I forget to eat them. I remember them as Easter draws neigh each year.
I am eating one right it last years? The year before?

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