Monday, May 31, 2010

Aglarond's Carnival and Craft Fair

I started role playing in Gamilia, a little land that no longer exists. When it crashed and went boom, a few of us moved to the fantastic kingdom of Aglarond. It had major problems, the expectations that were placed on their leaders wore me out and used up all of my creative juices. I hung on and hung on and eventually left for the Kingdom of Erebos. The owners are friendly and easy going, the dos and don't are simple and don't fill volumes upon volumes of reading material.

Since then Aglarond has been moved into the middle of Tirion lands. A very smart decision. Because of a personal request, I have retained my general membership and visit upon occasion. Last week they held a Craft Fair with carnival rides!! It seems really odd to see a spider, a ferris wheel, and a cotton candy machine in a medieval land.

Stani and I visited the other day. One thing about SL, I'm not scared of heights or being held upside down at...Let's ride that !

mmm...I'm not hanging on! I'm not that brave! We started out nearer each other; Stani is testing to see if sitting on opposite sides makes any difference. nope

The spider, I knew it as an octopus

Ignore the fuzzy pink, it's a reflection.Through the ferris wheel you can see the carousel and a nomad tent is peeking through the trees on the left.

More reflections. grrr. This is an interesting sitting position for the one in front! The fuzzy yellow green is the pod-like seat! The person in back should sit first.


We finished with the tame carousel horses.

The carnival is located in front of the fortress in Aglarond. If you would like to visit, TP to the village and walk through the forest.


Emyly Beaumont said...

I saw that on the castle grounds the last time I visited. Of course I didn;t try the rides, I just merely thought it was so out of place in a medieval sim. I am glad you had fun.

Casandra Shilova said...

Oh yes at least the big flashy parts were, but we had fun with it anyway. Or maybe I did, and Stani humored me.

Jewel said...

sounds fun I will check it out thanks for posting the link :)