Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ch'Know & Friends Ring In 2010

**NOTE** If you can't see all of the pictures, please try hitting refresh a few times. ******

A couple of days before the new year someone wished for a something to do for new years in the Ch'Know group chat. I think it was Tym. Ali worked her magic and threw together a celebration! She was smart and scheduled it for Dec 30th, knowing almost everyone would be ringing in the new year in RL rather than SL.

Ali, DJ and hostess and Gahum

Melanie, GoGo and Fricker dancing the night away

Dazz and Shelly


Nikki and Eva, two very attractive ladies

Jerremy and Tym bouncing to the beat

Cas and Stani - we were so out of synch. He looks like he is sprinkling me with sparkles!

Aisuru as graceful and delightful as always.

I thought I would pop into SL and wish my friends a "Happy New Year" after celebrating in in RL. Nope, I didn't make it into SL. I hope you all had someone to share the entrance of the new year with in one of your worlds. And that it will be a joyous and satisfying twelve months for you!


Fricker Fraker said...

Tt was a great New Year's Eve eve! I still can only see one picture though :( ..

Casandra Shilova said...

Cas utters more than one bad word *^&@#! I don't know what is wrong. Hitting refresh several times helped for couple of people. :(