Thursday, January 28, 2010

Role Play: Lots of Links to My Posts

I've been better at posting on the Chronicles of Erebos for the medieval/role play kingdom, than I have here. So for those readers who enjoy a bit more fantasy in their lives, I have links to my posts below.

There is a Fae Fest this Sunday, 11am-1pm SLT. This is a choreographed dance event for individuals, no partner necessary. My friend Emy guides our steps and it's lots of fun. Everyone is invited. You too! I only ask that you make an attempt at appropriate clothing. Just ask if you aren't sure, and IM me for a TP. I'd love to have you come. *smiles and beckons*

One post on a minstrel and a tournament - sword, joust and fishing. I surprised myself by doing quite well in the fishing tournament.

"Six Little Indians sitting in a row......" waiting for the sword tourney to begin.

One post on the aftermath of a tavern fire (it seems to get it frequently by arson or playful dragons), a drow "questioning" an elf, a haunting, and ending with a picture of myself enjoying the company of a tame wolf.

Justine, one of the tavern wenches, becomes a druid ~ and ~ a haunt in the tavern!

The Christmas Ball for the kingdom.

Jousting comes to the kingdom!

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