Saturday, January 9, 2010

Then and Now Blogger Challenge

Sophia came up with a simple but popular idea for a blogger challenge -- show yourself as you looked when you started SL and how you look now! Fun!

I rezzed as a human in Feb 2007, and I am still human part of the time. I am also fae (fairy), so just because it's different than most of the bloggers, I decided to show my start as a fae. It was hmm.....late spring 2008. I didn't have a wardrobe or a skin, so it was almost like being a newbie.

Even so I was very pleased with my look. The dress and wings are from my freind Rose Farina's shop RPC/Rose Petal Creations. Here is my first post Fae? Who Me?

I was thrilled with the skin - a sim opening gift from Tulli, you can just barely see pale stars over my eyebrows. The Maiden hair is from Bewitched (now Hairy Situations).

Fast forward to today. I usually wear long gowns, this one is from my favorite shop for role play, Caverna Obscura. It also has a short skirt option. My wings are almost always from Fancy Fairy; Violaine Villota is very talented.

The skin is Bella II from Pulse. and Hair is Helen from Calico Creations and the wonderful rose wreath is from MandyMandy McMillan.

I am thinking of changing to Cupcakes new Embrace skin, but I do want to keep Casandra the fae queen a little otherworldly, rather than like a beautiful human. Sidhe traditionally have unusual eyes, but I keep my own (one-of-a-kind Christmas gift from ex-bf).

Hover pose by fellow Ch'Knower Sai Pennell - ImpEle (was Imperial Elegance).
Photos were taken at the medieval role play kingdom of Erebos.

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