Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Socialized - BBBC # 2

Ali's Big Bad Blogger Challenge  topic for today:   
Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

I am a very social person. My RL job brings me into contact with people constantly. I am a department manager and buyer for one of largest fabric shops in the U.S. I give to customers, fellow employees, employers a wide variety of things - time, knowledge, encouragement, occasionally friendship. Some of the customers give back to me - enthusiasm, occasionally knowledge or a little gift. And compliments, must not forget the kind words. We share in their excitement in the wonder of a new world of sewing/quilting/smocking opening up to them and sometimes they bring in their show and tell. There are amazingly talented people in our world.

Don't get me wrong, I love to give, I am oriented toward helping others. My life is stressful, my job is stressful - not what I have mentioned here, but there are aspects of my job that are highly stressful.

Exercise, reading and SL are my relaxation. A neighbor asked me yesterday, what my day consisted of. I reeled off my typical Sunday list and he said, when do you rest? You have to rest. I told him I start relaxing about 9pm. To SL'ers that would be 6pm when I usually log on.

While my job is a draining social contact, SL gives me a positive social outlet. My three SL Positives: are social, social and social. I did say I was a social person, right?

1) The social aspects are important to me. The people of SL are hugely talented, widely diverse scattered all around the world. SL has introduced me to some amazing people.

Most importantly for me, I can log on and say hi in open chat or friends group chat, go to events, role play, or just relax and let SL flow around me with no demands.

2) Growing closer to my RL/SL friend Emy. I introduced her to SL. Okay she scoffed at me, but a few weeks later told me she was in! Our friendship has deepened because we see each other in SL. We role played together as fae for three years through three kingdoms! She is a highly talented choreographer, who has weekly events and is the member of a modern ballet dance troupe.

3) I start almost every morning in gmail chat with Stani, my SL boyfriend. It's a great way to start the day. He is a wonderful person with a warm and generous personality, whom I would never have met if not for SL.We've known each other for two years and been together for a year now. He enriches my life.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

I feel honored to be mentioned here Cas. Especially because I am not sure how if we will ever meet for shared time in SL again. Our hours just are not compatible. I log off in the mornings about 30 minutes before you log in and I log off in the evenings around 7, when you come on line. I used to stay up to try to catch you. I hope SL will continue to treat you well in the future.