Thursday, June 17, 2010

Age? a Number, an Attitude - BBBC # 4

Ali's Big Bad Blogger Challenge  topic for today: 
SL Bloggers - Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

Less - It's not that I lie about my age, however I don't tell my RL age to anyone who has no need to know such as an employer. I never have, not even at 21; it's just a quirk of mine.

When I first came into SL, I wanted my avatar to reflect everything about me including age. The person who introduced me to SL quickly convinced me that there were no skins out there that were anything but young. She was right, and I think for the most part it is still true. Here is a 2008 blogger challenge look-a-like with an RL portrait that shows my the result. I'm not young, but I don't look a thing like one of the stereotypical "old" skins. Consequently a percentage of residents unintentionally or not, portray younger simply by choosing to be a human in SL, rather than a creature of some sort.

I chose my skin before I ever logged onto SL the first time, a Celestial Studios Vogue skin with availability limited to three months. I wore it for over two years until the lighting changes in SL caused it to gray out too much. I then spent another 10 months attempting to locate a new perfect "me" skin.

When I saw Belleza's Jesse, I was soooo excited, however it is too dark a skin tone. I really, really wanted Tricky to release it in a lighter version without freckles. It would have been perfect .....Nope. I had 178 demos of different skins (not including different tones of the same skin) from a multitude of designers by the time Tricky released Elle. My reaction to that number is GOOD GRIEF! How ridiculous! I had no idea until I counted.

I actually bought a fat pack so I could get a different lip gloss and shadow for some outfits! I'm a conservative shopper, that is unheard of for me!

If you read the above link you will realize my AV is very much me - height, build, hair color and style, custom eyes (gift). Someone I care for thought I went overboard in trying to match my AV to me. It was nice to realize both from Cen's comment to that post and others I have read yesterday, that several bloggers have done the same thing. I simply wanted to see myself having fun.

Style? Younger, but similar. For instance - I wouldn't wear a bikini in RL, but will in SL. However the style, color, and print are what I would chose in RL if I did.

I borrowed this from Ali's blog:
Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength.
-Betty Friedan

I also particularly like her title from yesterday: The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. We could all take that and run with it for a post. Maybe another day.

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