Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aarrgh Matey!

The pirate party last night was Aisuru's idea and celebrated her birthday! The setting was a pirate ship with a plank, topsails, a parrot and jewels under the dance floor! The costumes were wonderful. It was really fun seeing what everyone came up with. And thankfully, Ali posted where to obtain a hat. I had someone's early attempt at sculpties and couldn't bring myself to wear it.

On to the pictures:
- Dyami looking out over the ship - note the peg leg!
- Crap surrounded by the gears of time, Sehra completing a dance move (she has great ones) and Bon
- Ali and Cen - very sexy. They look like the chorus line for Ari
- Everyone having fun aft
- Me - one of the pictures has to include me, so I can remember what I wore - lol

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