Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Kingdom That is No More


- Court, my first night in kingdom

- Soaring on the currents above the fae circle

- Gamilia burning - most of the buildings incuding the castle, the docks and the ship were on fire

- New castle of Velgarth

- One of the mountains being dismantled

I started role-play this summer. Gamilia was a well thought out fresh build. A medieval kingdom with areas I was very comfortable in and a few that were well done of a darker nature. In August there were earth-shaking changes in the fair kingdom. Both of the castles shattered in the quake, and one even larger was erected in their stead. The land became a darker place called Velgarth.

This sheltered fae did not find it pleasing and made the decision to depart from her first home. Two things stayed my hand from the “leave” button and I continued on. Primarily I wanted to be available to support my friends still there when they needed it.

And so I stayed, the sun did not shine as brightly with a pall over the land, there was no dancing, and fewer friends, but I stayed.

Last night came the notice that Velgarth had died and I knew at least one dear friend would need support as he picked up the pieces of his heart and his large contribution to the enchantment that was fae in the kingdom.

When I arrived the demolition had already begun with part of the village and the pier gone. I took the opportunity to say goodbye to my favorite places before they disappeared. I flew to the fae’s enchanted dance circle. The Fae Fests had been held here led by Lady Emy, House Zephirus’ talented choreographer; good fellowship for all races. My House, Zephirus, is no more and I have since laid my coronet back in its padded box.

Another memory quickly came to mind. As I floated in the currents of air overhead the circle one evening, a great lycan with a huge club lumbered up. I remained safely aloft until I was sure he wouldn’t grab me and eat me. Thus I met my friend Everoth. He gave me the second reason. A silver tongued warrior, he told me that “if the faes leave it, one less graceful shine of sun will be on this forsaken land...”

I flew to the mountain in search of my friend Creag. I walked down the stone paths and looked a last time upon the pools in the heart of the mountain. As I approached the entrance again, he flew in to join me. The fascinating huge mountain with the beautiful underground garden, twisting paths, and traps for the unwary where we searched when King Creag set Challenges for his people, is no longer.

Many of the people I knew from there are citizens of Aglarond as am I, so I won’t lose touch with them completely. However Ag is huge (nine sims) and it is impossible to know for certain if someone you would like to see is in kingdom by simply looking for them as you could in the kingdom that was and shall never be again.

A part of me will forever regret the loss of Gamilia.


Emyly Beaumont said...

I was devastated when I saw the deterioration of Gamilia into Valgarth, but I did not have as much vested there as you did. Gamilia was merely a peaceful retreat from my hectic, nightclub life. I hope that some day we can find a place to play together again.

Creag Emmons said...
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Creag Emmons said...

Cas, dear Duchess, when I saw you standing in the sithen you made a lonely moment of pain into one that I will hold forever in my heart. So long as you live, Zephirus lives, and Gamilia with it.

I'll be seeing you.