Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mini Challenge no. 3

Ali's Mini Challenge wrapped up and I'm behind.

If we started our first/real lives as adults with empty closets and an empty piece of land, we would spend months shopping just to fill our real needs and desires. In SL we are dropped into a world with incredible variety where everyone looks better than we do and they don't waddle. We have to shop. It's necessary - down to finding a skin and hair (choices we don't have to make in FL/RL) and stands discover who we are and what we like and where to find it and how to buy it and how do I move anyway??? I have to buy a walk??!!

By the time we have an AV that looks and moves the way we are comfortable with, we are totally hooked on shopping. It's recreation in SL.

Each change of seasons my first year brought new gaps in my wardrobe that needed filling. A skybox, and then a house meant shopping for furnishings and landscaping. Getting into role play as a fae meant shopping for totally different clothing and wings!! As the seasons go around now, I look through what I have in my treasure chest of a wardrobe - 15,790 includes house&garden&poses&stuff&junk - and toss some of my earlier purchases. My inventory is organized and needs constant work to keep it that way. I'm currently working on putting copies of times in storage so if I ever lose massive amounts of inventory that I can't recover, I'll have some backups.

When it comes to fashion, I am a blog & announcement shopper, having discovered Linden Lifestyles right away. I sometimes shop sales for certain designers. I do hunts when the mood strikes or if someone blogs a hunt item I really like. But my shopping has slowed way down. I have a much larger budget, but most of it is going to tier, then comes decorating and fashion.

With other things I can be diligent. I'll search like crazy for just the right furniture or drapes, holiday decorations, or accessories for my home etc. I'll go to every animation shop when I'm tired of my stands.

I'm a lucky shopper much of the time. Right after I decide I need/want something, someone will release their design and it's just the thing - or - someone I'm chatting with will know where to find it. I have gone for days just enjoying friends and dances and role play without spending a linden. But when my purse is empty or I'm saving for a big purchase
(I make Cas stick to that budget), it can be tough. I make a note of whatever it is and look at it again later. My SL bf complimented me on my new red shoes the other day. I had waited for a sale and they were perfect!

Favorite shops that's tough. Miriel's for jewelry, Fancy Fairy for the depth of shading on her wings, Reaction Girl for sports wear and my surf board. Because I love decorating for holidays the one I look forward to is PondLife's Holiday Shop.

I think I'll head down to the beach and catch some waves.....*smiles*

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