Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini Challenge no. 2 - Looking Silly

Ali's Mini Challenge No. 2 - yes, I reversed 2 & 3. Somehow this weekend after just getting back in the door after days away, I couldn't bring myself to look silly.

I put on the bling that flashed like a lighthouse last thing right before I logged off for the night with the intention of sashaying out first thing when I logged on next. The flash doesn't show up well in the pictures, but it was painful.

"HI! Everybody!"

That's how I started my time as a fashion retard. I decided to do it up big, hopefully get responses I could blog about and escape back into anonymity as quickly as possible.

Well, it failed. I was so awful, no one wanted to talk to me, although I'm sure they were talking about me among themselves. Some people did seem to move away from me, like I would rub off.
I was really uncomfortable. I toned it down by switching back to my usual skin, but it didn't help. The nice fluffy white wolf looks uncomfortable to have me standing next to him too.

I did come across a lady with a name parents shouldn't give their children. Since we choose, I always wonder why they picked it and read their profile. She was a newbie. My first reaction was to offer her my newbie folders of LMs - then I took a look at myself! Anyone in their right mind would turn me down flat.

In answer to Ali's question "
Why have you made your avatar look the way it does? What does it mean to you? Do you think people respond to you differently if you're attractive?"
Cas is as much me as I can make her (height, build, eyes, makeup, stands, hair color & even style much of the time) the whole bit. I had already seen SL in action and decided I wanted to see myself having fun. But I'm pretty happy with myself and how I look - so why not? If I were unhappy with how I looked in FL Cas would reflect that, but not fully. For instance if I weighted more, she would be plump, but not really heavy. People have told me they react to how I look and dress. People also respond to conversation and personality. Think about it - if your friends were originally attracted to you because you were drop dead gorgeous, how many would you keep if you couldn't string a cohesive sentence together?

Challenge Completed!

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