Monday, September 8, 2008

Bandana Day

I still have my favorite oriental black and gold scarf from last year. But I was delighted to see so many choices for Bandana Day this year at the Hair Fair. Red is my favorite color, so it was a must. Good jewelry is a necessity for bandanas. I'm wearing Miriel's new Fleur set. And then there was the find of the scarf from Studio Sidhe that matches her new fae outfit! I seriously love the playful fae on the hair pins!

So very many people are effected by cancer, it would be unique for someone to not have felt it's touch in some manner.

My boss, her husband and her mother have all had it!! My boss is a three time survivor and a wonderful role model, who is fortunate to have a staff of independent thinkers who can carry on without her daily presence for several months.
At a business lunch a few months ago, I looked around the table and realized I was the only one there who had not had cancer!!

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