Friday, September 5, 2008

Newbies - Advice, What I learned, What I have to give - LM Folders

Tymmerie’s blog today poses questions she would like answered. So, here goes:

Best advice I received as a newbie:
- Deal with what you have brought into your inventory before you log off. I sooo don’t follow this, but I try to. It helps to keep your inventory under control if you organize everything that is under your recent items tab and shuffle them into the appropriate folders. If you go into “show filters” and increase the number of hours to cover your current time online, you’ll see everything you picked up/accepted.
- Make folders to group all of the pieces in an outfit together for quick changing. (I do LOVE this) My folder system is basically: Clothing > Dresses > 1 Outfits > RubyShirredChiffon-Decoy;Medallion-Miriel;hose;heels

I am much more likely to wear something I have made an outfit out of. It saves time trying on accessories to see if they have the right “look” for the clothing. If my choice of jewelry isn’t copy, the outfit description ends with “+ ______”. The plus sign is my clue to add that particular piece each time I wear it.

There are other folders under > Dresses – such as “Casual” and “mid-calf to long”. By no means is everything in an outfit folder. I’m not that organized. The “1 Outfits” name for the folder makes it the first sub-folder in each category.

My best advice for ladies:
- When you get a new dress, take the time to adjust the skirt to fit. That way it’s ready to wear. The first subfolder under > Shoes > L&E foot shape – sandal. Fast to find when I run around barefoot.

The first thing I do when I come in the door at home is kick off my shoes. I once left a pair of heels lying on the deck at my SL beach house for a few days. My bf asked it I kicked them off in route to the hot tub the night before *Cheshire Cat grin*. He currently has a lone shoe in the bedroom. (Fallingwater Cellardoor does such wonderful work)

For anyone:
- Delete all but one Bald Head
- Delete all but one pose stand – or – use the one with the Mysti Tool
- Use the search function at the top of inventory to look for things.
- Roleplayers: set up a sub-folder of “Add Ons” all of the stuff you need for your particular rp. I am a fae in two kingdoms, so mine has: fairy AO, faerie babbler, star skin, flight feather (the better to escape with my dears) and the foot shape.

Worse advice I ever received:
- Pick up every freebie you see. I still have boxes of freebies I’ve never touched! Need to chuck those. The mega boxes of freebies are overwhelming to a newbie and way overload an inventory. It took me forever just to weed through the ones I opened. Many had exactly the same items in them with the same or different names.

Learn on my own:
- How to group the chat window with private IM windows. The chat window was separate for me and I found it took too much space to have it that way.
- How to use Inventory > File > Show Filters to search for things when I can’t remember what the designer named them. Uncheck boxes for what you don’t want to search for and then if there is a timeline involved adjust the Hours Ago/Days Ago at the bottom of Show Filters.
- Closing a notice doesn’t delete it; it’s still in your inventory.

Newbie folders - I put together four folders of LM’s that I hand out to newbies - two for each sex. One contains skin offers for under 30 days old, and one is for freebies that work for any age. I reviewed all of these. The few that have tons of freebies, are named to indicate what I chose that LM for “good suit”. The second folder includes a notecard of some of the things I have found helpful. I am glad to share them with anyone who would like to pass them along.

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