Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aglarond's "It's a Wonderful Life" Ball

The Kingdom of Aglarond held a "It's a Beautiful Life" Christmas Ball last night. Lady Maralee turned the castle ballroom into a wonderland for the event. She greeted everyone with great enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. I would like to share part of a message that she sent to the group with the information for the ball "I was reminded of the true joy of the season - that our friends are the most valuable gift we ever have in life."

It is so true, I treasure my friends.

There is a jar in the ballroom to raise money to save the sim of Aglarond Elvendale. It is a beautiful land; Hispa is an extremely talented and creative builder. Ag would not be the same if it disappears into the mist.

Magda - Kat; Aric and Jewel in the background

Drea - Ulfur; Respicius and Kashtan in the background

Desmonda - Riven

Aric - Jewel


In the pictures my skirt appeared translucent against the icy floor. Lucas was one of my dance partners *smiles* and I thought this picture was better than any of the ones with me in them. Wings also went translucent - the dark columns behind him are the top of his wings.

I would like to wish everyone in Aglarond a very wonderful holiday season!

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Jennidia Hellmann Emmons said...

I'm sooo sorry I missed such a lovely accassion. Thank you for extending such gracious pictures. May the Kingdom of Aglarond LIVE, and may Argoth flurish!