Monday, December 29, 2008

Dress Me Up Challenge

Ana Lutetia suggested the Dress Me Up challenge from Achariya Rezak of a long skirt from MG Fashion with a cute jacket from Dutch Touch. First I took a look at what I already have from MG Fashion - pants, a swimsuit, even a beret, but no skirts! My shopping trip reminded me of a jacket and at least one cute top I had intended to purchase.

The burnt orange shade lent itself well to the leaf motif and with my embroidery background, I'm drawn to applique. Dutch Touch has scads of tops to chose from. The belt has green in it, making me think even my mother, who is very matchy, matchy, would condone my choices. Yes, choices! A jacket ............

and then a cute top with a shrug. I don't have the tiniest waist; it's very slimming. The gap between the top and the skirt is too narrow to look like it is on purpose, so it is filled in with matching underpants.

Okay, time to start accessorizing. And here kudos to the Peace on Earth hunt, not because anything came from there (I've done a small fraction of it) but because hitting some of the shops caused me to notice that Eolande designed jewelry specifically for three of the hairstyles I wear. Yay! To wit - the hair pins have color change options and persimmon matches the skirt beautifully.

The back view of the top gives a tantalizing glimpse of the spine for a gentleman who might like to run his finger down it.

I switched hairstyles to show off the Dragonfly earrings. All accessories are seen more easily by clicking on the pictures.

Location for the shoot was the Avenues at Sunset Park. The colors make a lovely backdrop for the autumnal tones of my clothing choices.

The skirt even dances well! I went to Blue Fusion to sit on the pier and finish this post. I was surprised to run into Hevy and Dawni doing synched couples dances. Hevy invited me to join them and since he was the only male friend on just then, he even recruited a partner for me! My thanks to Restless for being so agreeable.

I'm quite happy with the results and have a new outfit to show for it.
Thanks Ana!

Skirt - MG Fashion - Winter Flower Skirt, Orange
Jacket - Dutch Touch - Leather Jacket Short, Green
Top - LaLa T-shirt Tank, Buff
Top - Dutch Touch - London Green top w shrug
Bracelet - A la Folie - Quincaille Fine (gauche)
Earrings - Earthtones - Dragonfly Earrings, Fire
Eolande - Hair Pins for Marisela
Hair - ETD - Marisela II - Caramel *tinted*
Hair - Calla - Ash - Golden Red
Boots - Insolence - Natasha Boots, Charcoal