Monday, December 22, 2008

Dress Me Up Challenge

I'm going to offer to let you dress me up. Yes, I'm late. Especially at this busy, busy holiday time, I'm not the least bit sure I'll have any takers, but it looks like fun. Here is the link to Achariya's blog with the challenge guidelines. The potential damage to my budget kept me from volunteering earlier, so please hold potential purchases to no more than 250 lindens.

I play both as a human and a fae, so if you would like wings included, please say so.

This stunning lingerie set with the wonderful satin texture is from Chic boutique. Sadly it is no longer available. However, there are other offerings to tempt you. The pose is from Imperial Elegance


CeN said...


How about a biker chick?
Denim, leather, tatoos

Ana Lutetia said...

hmmmm - /me thinks a long skirt from MG fashion with a cute jacket from Dutch Touch. ^^

- Ana Lutetia -

Casandra Shilova said...

Cen, I just completed your challenge. I included some RL background.