Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dress Me Up Challenge

RL Story Time Boys and Girls ---

I think my mother is unusual. An example: When my friends got bicycles, mom tried to talk me into a scooter - like the 13 year old neighbor boy had! I wanted to fit in and insisted on the bicycle. My brother and I rode our bikes together growing up.

Although dad wasn't a farmer, I grew up on a farm. Transportation was paramount. A family of four = four vehicles. The Christmas I was seventeen, car keys with my name were hanging on the tree. I started Drivers Ed a week later.

The first vehicle I bought for myself was a Firebird; the second was a small Honda motorcycle. I applied for a job. The application for the national chain had a silly question "How will you get to work?" Answer? motorcycle. As soon as the manager read that far, he pointed it out to the assistant manager and said they'd have to hire me - they both had cycles! I am a wimp, and would never touch a larger bike; I was convinced I wouldn't be able to stand it up again if it overbalanced.

I was working there when I met my husband. He came equipped with a cycle; but could never understand why I wouldn't ride on the back. Okay, I tried it once or twice. BOOORRRING

I could never be considered a Biker Chick though. Very atypical.
My sister-in-law (husband's side of the family) was a biker chick. The night he met her, her future husband kidnapped her from a bar, put her onto the back of his Harley and rode off with her into the sunset for the weekend! She thought it was romantic!

I no longer own one, but I still have the permit. :D

When Cen suggested "Dress Me Up" as a Biker Chick, I never even thought about a personal connection! I thought about how to interpret the theme and came up with three scenarios!

1) Clubbing - Out for the night - leather pants, satin top, solid gold earrings, snazzy shoes and freshly colored hair.

2) Lookin' Good - jeans w studs, white lacy top, leather jacket, jewelry & boots with buckled straps and heels you can't ride in.

3) Hanging out at the shop - every biker I've met wears logo t-shirts,'s the king of all bikes. Typical for me, if I don't have something to do, I'll find something to sit on even if it's the floor or the ground.

With a pack rat mentality that half way prepares me for themed events and an inventory of 19,000, I was able to play dress up with my only purchase being the tattoo! This is one I would chose in RL if I had a tat!

Thanks Cen, this was a bit of a challenge, but loads of fun!

Aitui Tattoo, invasion pants-Panache, dream girl bodice of dress-Alchemy(Christmas 07);konase shoes- R2;City Gurl Strawberry-GuRL 6

Ambrosia in Blood - House of Heart, Bubble Earrings - Miriel, "Silver Rockstar Jeans" - G.L.A.M., Empire Open Jacket, suede boots - SF Design, caraco - Attitudes

3) Signature jeans - Callie Cline, Bubble earrings - Miriel, Nadia in carmel - ETD,sorry no info on the t-shirt


CeN said...

You look great!
I'm glad you had fun with it.
Maybe we'll get our biker on one night and go exploring LOL.

Casandra Shilova said...

Alright! Sounds like fun!