Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's in My Bag?? Challenge

What's in My Bag?? This challenge started at Shopping Cart Disco and has been picked up by some of the bloggers.

I carry three different sized purses/totes depending on what I'm working on. I usually spend my lunch hour sitting in the employee break room doing hand work - embroidery or beading, sometimes hand sewing re-enactment garments. If it's a little project, it will fit in this black leather Nine West bag I was given. If I have nothing going on, I read and carry either this bag for a hardback or a really little suede bag that must be 20-30 years old and still had tags on it when mom gave it to me last year! If I am working on a bulky project, I carry one of three larger totes made by Timeless Treasures and given to me by a fabric rep.

The contents are pretty consistent:
- mirror
- comb (use a brush at home)
- sunglasses case
- travel sized rolaids (don't use much)
- travel sized excedrin
- keys
- two house keys for friend's homes (I cat sit when they are away)
- four dimes
- pen, permanent marker
- lipstick (I prefer gloss, but it was a good color)
- wallet (2 gas cards, ID, 2 check cards, New York & Co card, sometimes a couple of general credit cards, list of fav authors for when when the library doesn't have the book I went for)
- 2 deposit slips for household and personal accounts
- candy sleeve? that brown accordion folded paper that holds a piece of boxed candy (shouldn't eat it...)

The lip balm (Neutrogena <--- good) and cell phone are missing.

Oh, and that's Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. First vampire books I've read. I've seen the classic movies and saw Bram Stoker's Dracula performed.

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